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From 2011, PJDS have been involved in the connection of PV Solar and Wind Turbine generation installations from as far afield as the Isle of Wight to the North Yorkshire coast.

In 2012, PJDS was chosen by Thameswey (Woking Borough Councils fully owned carbon emissions reduction group) to provide the electricity connections for solar PV generation to be installed in some of their social housing stock and council buildings, This required the installation of three-phase LV Landlords supplies into Woking Councils multi-occupancy buildings.

These (as all renewable projects) were time critical connections to which we were appointed at short notice and managed to deliver in time to beat the Feed-In Tarrif reduction date.

PJDS are able to supply and connect the clients site with DNO specification cables, terminations, substation plant and equipment to the network. We can also construct the clients private HV / LV infrastructure if required, including Transformers, HV and LV switchgear, procurement of designs and protection studies if required.

As well as the many renewable energy generation sites we have connected, we have also been involved in the connection of back-up Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) generation sets to complement any shortfall in the generation capacity caused by adverse conditions in the generation of renewable energy during excessive load conditions.

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